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Manta Pacific Research Foundation

Manta Pacific Research Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to research, education, and conservation of manta rays and the marine environment.

We study manta rays in their natural habitat, conduct scientific research, provide education programs for the public about manta rays and the marine environment, and establish and promote global manta ray conservation.


Understanding manta's anatomy, physiology, life cycle, behaviors, and role in their environment is crucial to education and conservation efforts. We endeavor to learn as much about manta rays as we can to promote their protection and awareness in Hawaii and beyond. Some of our research projects have spanned decades, with new, exciting work being done all the time!


We believe education is crucial to the preservation of manta rays. We seek to provide learning opportunities by creating educational media about manta rays, presenting at community events, and attending academic conferences on scientific and conservation topics.


We endeavor to protect manta rays through supporting and establishing legislation including tour participant guidelines and tour operator standards. We have supplied data to support the IUCN listing of manta rays as a vulnerable species, and initiated legislation to protect manta rays in state waters.

Some mantas have been seen near Kona on a regular basis for decades! Some have a memorable story, while others have unique characteristics that make them stand out. Learn more about some of our most memorable mantas here

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Meet The Team

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Keller Laros

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Dr. Csilla Ari

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Zoologist and Neuroscientist

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Founder and Director

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Research Associate

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Brand Manager

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