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Morgan Eason

Growing up in Florida, Morgan has always been fascinated by the ocean. She began scuba diving at 15 years old, and spent her free time swimming and fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. She received a bachelor's degree in Environmental and Wildlife Conservation with a focus in shark biology from the University of North Florida and her masters degree in Marine Conservation from the University of Miami. 

Morgan has studied shark and ray ecology at the Cape Eleuthera Institute, as well as conduct research on deep sea ecology and work on long-spined sea urchins. She was an aquarist through school and now serves as the Coral Propagation Coordinator for the state of Florida, working to help recover Florida's Coral Reef. 
Morgan has always been interested in filmmaking, and has worked on free lance projects with Manta Pacific Research Foundation to promote their remarkable work with manta rays. By serving as a director and brand manager for the Manta Pacific Research Foundation, Morgan is able to combine her love of science, videography, and the marine environment. 
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