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Education Initiatives

Our education initiatives are an integral component of the Manta Pacific Research Foundations mission to protect and conserve  manta rays. You can learn more about each of our initiatives by selecting Learn More.

PADI AWARE: Responsible Shark and Ray Tourism

It is important for divers to understand safe and responsible ways to interact with sharks and rays in the ocean. PADI Aware create the Responsible Shark and Ray Tourism Guide to provide knowledge for responsible tourism. 


PADI: Manta Diver Specialty

The goal of this course is to expand the student’s knowledge of manta rays, develop the student’s ability to descern positive and negative aspects of manta ray environment, create student awareness of conservation and marine ecology as it pertains to manta rays, and create advocates for marine conservation and sustainability. 


Manta Naturalist Course

This course is designed for tour guides and operators looking to learn more about manta rays to further educate tourists and guests. 


The Manta Learning Center

The manta learning center is located at Kona Outrigger Resort and Spa. The center is used for "Manta Talks" to educate guests about manta rays.


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