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Kaitlyn McQueeney

Research Associate

Growing up in New Hampshire, Kaitlyn spent her childhood exploring the mountains and lakes of New England, where she grew to love wildlife. Her interests for ocean conservation grew as she visited Cape Cod every summer, and later earned her Bachelor of Science degree in marine biology from Roger Williams University.
Kaitlyn has since lived in Florida, The Bahamas, and now resides in Hawaii with a focus on shark and ray conservation. She is a marine biologist, captain, Elasmobranch conservationist, underwater photographer, and scuba instructor. She dives with the Kona manta rays for work and on her days off, using photography to document manta individuals for surveys as well as healing progress for injuries.
Kaitlyn serves as a board member and research assistant for the Manta Pacific Research Foundation, and enthusiastically wants to study the local manta rays to learn more about their biology, ecology, and how to better protect them. 
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