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PADI: Manta Specialty Diver

Goals: To expand the student’s knowledge of manta rays, develop the student’s ability to discern positive and negative aspects of manta ray environment, create student awareness of conservation and marine ecology as it pertains to manta rays, and create advocates for marine conservation and sustainability.


* Must be 10 years of age

* Must Attend the Academic Presentation

* Complete and Review Knowledge Assessment

* Receive Certification

As part of the course, students will learn about the taxonomy of mantas, as well as their anatomy and life cycle. They will learn about the history and growth of manta tourism in Kona, Hawaii, as well as proper conduct when in the water with mantas. Course work includes understanding of the natural and anthropogenic threats to manta rays, conservation efforts, and previous and current research. The ultimate goal of the Manta Ray Naturalist Distinctive Specialty course is to create advocate for safety, sustainability, and conservation of manta rays and the marine environment. 

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