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Dominic D`Agostino, PhD.


Dominic is an Assistant professor at the University of South Florida and an avid diver. He assists with manta ray field work, laboratory work and in every way he can.

Simon McPherson


Simon is an aspiring marine conservationist with the aim to have career working in marine conservation in order to spread the message that we need to look after the seas and its wildlife.

He is currently in his final year at college completing a BTEC Extended Diploma in Animal Management. In his spare time, he does voluntary work for different marine conservation organisations such as Marine Conservation Society.  His personal interests are sharks, wildlife photography, scuba diving, and marine conservation.

‘I am passionate about the marine environment and the desire to help contribute towards any efforts that will help with its conservation. My support goes out to organisations that are working hard to try and raise the funds that are needed for marine conservation projects which can make a real difference. And I’m proud to help support their efforts so I can try and make a difference.`


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