Manta Rays Awarded at the Experimental Biology Conference

Who knew what can we learn from manta rays? Dr. Csilla Ari, Director of Manta Pacific Research Foundation presented her research at the Experimental Biology Conference in Boston last week.

Dr. Csilla Ari in front of her poster with a 3D printed manta ray brain model in her hand

`I always felt that there is so much to learn from marine animals that are perfectly adapted to their environment`-says Csilla. `In my presentation I discussed what can we learn from deep-diving elasmobranchs to adapt to extreme underwater environments, that might help to develop future technologies for human divers.`

Csilla has been extensively studying not only the behavior, physiology, but the brain of deep-diving Mobulids since 2001.

The Comparative and Evolutionary Biology Section of the American Physiological Society awarded Csilla`s work with a Research Recognition Award.

Dr. Csilla Ari with the Reseach Recognition Award after the award ceremony

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