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Fiji expedition 2014

Fiji expedition 2014

It is hard to tell about all that beauty that waited for me on this trip and the wonderful moments I could spend with the manta rays. I decided to rather show you some of these amazing moments, instead of talking about them. So, enjoy my photo diary:-)

On the way to the manta rays, beautiful Yasawa islands

The boat is waiting for us to see mantas

Courtship dance of beautiful black mantas on the first day

Sunset abseiling is always an option if manta rays are not around

The Manta Memories distribution center is set up, waiting for the first guests to support the manta ray fishing villages by their purchase

Perfect spot to relax after a hard day

Not only manta rays visit the neighbouring reefs

Testing a drone to detect manta rays more efficiently

Our drone is returning from a successful mission

The snorkeling guests from several resorts enjoy the last minutes of sunlight with the mantas

Waiting for the mantas to show up

The end of a successful day

We are out on the boat in search for mantas when the sun is coming up over the calm ocean

Searching for mantas in any way possible

Always happy to see pregnant mantas

Very intense courtship behaviour, male mantas following a female

Documenting manta ray coloration and behaviour

Feeding manta rays

Often we saw more snorkelers than mantas

Waiting for the manta rays at sunrise

We built a mantay ray lookout

Three black morphs passing by a cleaning station in the current

This is me, being very happy with the productive time in Fiji. I feel that every second I can spend with the mantas offers a miracle. You never know what the next moment will bring when you swim with them and how they surprise you. I feel I got a bit closer to the secret life of manta rays again.

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