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Partnering with the Foundation for the Oceans of the Future 2013


`I was very honored when I was contacted by the founders of the Manta Pacific Research Foundation. They are one of the very first manta ray research foundations and they have accomplished amazing amount of data collection in the last couple of decades on the hawaiian manta rays.`-says Dr. Csilla Ari, the principal investigator of the Foundation for the Oceans of the Future, who was recently asked to become Board of Director for the prestigious Manta Pacific Research Foundation.

`The goal of our foundation and theirs are the same and it is great to be able to work together with people who have extensive knowledge and experience on these rarely studied animals, the manta rays. I am confident that by joining our forces while working for the same goals we will accomplish great things in the next couple of years that will speed up manta ray research and conservation.`


Dr. Csilla Ari (second from right) with the founders of the Manta Pacific Research Foundation, Keller Laros and Wendy Laros (first and second from left) and with Dr. Dominic D`Agostino (far right) in Kona, Hawaii.

More about the Foundation for the Oceans of the Future:

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