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  • Manta identification project and long-term population study of Kona rays since 1991.


  • Over 200 individual manta rays in Kona with new mantas identified regularly.


  • Continuous manta reports since 1991 with over 10,000 individual manta sightings.


  • Assisted with manta tracking expedition in 2002 that resulted in data on manta movement patterns, habitat use, and foraging ecology.


  • Started laser measurement and growth study on Kona manta rays in 2008.


  • Determined economic value of manta rays in 2002, 2007, and 2013.


  • Fund manta scientists with research efforts worldwide.


  • Provide education programs about manta rays and the marine environment to school children (K-8th) since 2002.


  • Regularly conduct informative presentations at community events.


  • Present at academic conferences on scientific and conservation topics.


  • Collaborated with the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) to create manta ray educaitonal flip charts for tour guides.


  • Continue to create educational media aobut manta rays.


  • Distribute manta ray tour participant guidelines from 2002 to present day.


  • Supplied data for IUCN listing of manta rays as a vulnerable species in 2005.


  • Initiated legislation to protect manta rays in the State of Hawaii.  Act 092(09) prohibits the killing or capturing of mantas in State waters.


  • Supplied economic data to Manta Ray of Hope project in 2011 and other studies.


  • Supported manta awareness campaigns for CITES in 2013 culminating in increased worldwide protection.


  • Facilitated meetings and drafted manta tour operator standards in Hawaii in 2013.


  • Further scientific research in manta sensory/cognitive abilities, coloration, growth, and injuries.


  • Implement the Manta Rescue Project


  • Continue economic impact study of manta ray tourism.


  • Deliver online educational programs about manta rays.




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