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Manta Naturalist Course

for Manta Tour Guides and Operators


The Manta Naturalist Course was designed for manta tour guides and operators in the marine tourism industry on the Kona Coast of the island of Hawaii.  The course includes online learning and two face-to-face class sessions.        


The goals of the Manta Naturalist course are to expand the student’s basic knowledge of manta rays, create awareness about manta research and conservation both locally and globally and to familiarize students with manta tourism and operator standards in Kona, Hawaii.  


Students develop and deliver an interpretive educational briefing about manta rays.  Ultimately, students will use this naturalist presentation in the workforce when conducting manta ray tours.  

This course was designed and developed by Wendy Laros, M.Ed. and delivered through Hawaii Community College - Palamanui.  


Guest Speaker: Keller Laros a.k.a. Manta Man and founder of Manta Pacific Research Foundation.

The Manta Naturalist Course is offered periodically. 


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