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Manta Pacific Research Foundation manages an email alias to discuss manta sightings and happenings in the Kona, Hawaii area. Anyone that has information to share about the Kona mantas, their habitat, or anything to do with mantas in general is welcome to post information to the alias.  If you just want to keep informed about what's going on, you can subscribe to the list and see what others are saying. Here's how it works:


  • The name of the alias is If you send email to this address, everyone who has signed up to receive the report will get a copy of the email. This is the email address that Keller, Jonathan, and others will send their posts to about manta sightings along the coast.


  • So - how do you sign up to be on the alias you ask? Simple. Head to this website and fill out the form:


  • Here you will enter your email address and subscribe to the list. You will also have the option of receiving each email individually, or getting them in a digest format. If you want to post to the list, you must already be a subscriber.


  • At some point, you may want to unsubscribe from the list. Use the same website form above and scroll down to "MantaReport Subscribers". Here you can enter your email address and password and change your subscription options, including unsubscribing. You can also change which email address you want to receive the posts with.


  • MPRF switched to use a new list software system in September 2013. If you have been a mantareport subscriber for some time and did not originally use a password to signup for the mantareport, a password was created for you. Just enter your email address and then click the button "Unsubscribe or Edit Options".  An email will be sent to you that contains the password created for you and you can use that to log into the system and change your options.



Manta Pacific Research Foundation

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